Terms & Conditions

A brief outline of our terms and conditions are outlined below. Please view our full Terms & Conditions document, as any booking assumes acceptance of all terms, conditions and policies set out by RecordYou.

– Backing tracks are provided as part of some RecordYou packages. Any backing track not available on http://karaoke-version.com are subject to a €799 track development fee.

– The “music video” will be directed by RecordYou engineers, and will be shot in studio in a style similar to the sample videos on RecordYou.ie.

– Booking times must be strictly adhered to. Due to other bookings in the studio, a session cannot run overtime. If a customer arrives late to a session, it is at the discretion of the engineer and subject to scheduling whether the time can be made up after the time has expired. If more time is required, subject to studio and engineer availability, additional hours may be purchased at a rate agreed with RecordYou.

– RecordYou accepts cash, cheques and Visa cards. Card and cheque payments must be made in advance of the session. Please contact us at [email protected] to make a payment.

– Unless explicitly agreed with RecordYou, customers are allowed one guest to be present during the recording session.

– All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.