Misc. Recording/Editing

It’s a strange world we are currently living in. The studio is closed to the public for the near future in order to observe the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations but we can still help you out. With so much learning and entertainment moving online, the need to record high-quality audio at home has never been more important.

We can provide editing for any recorded audio be it your podcast, tutorial videos, voiceovers, audiobooks etc. If required, we can even provide you with the equipment required to get professional results from your home, delivered to you by mail/courier, contact-free.

We will create a Dropbox folder for you to drop your recordings in and then clean them up by removing coughs, page turns etc and send you back a high-quality file. We can even embed the completed audio into your instructional video etc.

All projects are different so get in touch and we can discuss it further.